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Debian Astro Blend structure

Hi all,

I recently started to create metapackages ("tasks") for the upcoming
Debian-Astro blend. The tasks will structure the package we have now,
and will help to select the right packages for astronomy. The final idea
is that when you install Debian, you can just choose "Debian Astro", and
then select the packages you want from these tasks.


Currently, there are the following tasks:

* Frameworks: Large integrated analysis frameworks
* Datareduction: Data Reduction Pipelines
* Simulation: Simulation packages for astronomy
* Telescopecontrol: (Amateur) telescope control and dataprocessing
* Viewers: FITS and data viewers
* Tools: Smaller tools, mainly for FITS and WCS handling
* Catalogs: Catalog data and catalog handling
* Development: Development packages
* Education: Educational applications
* Python: Python 2 packages for astronomy
* Python3: Python3 packages for astronomy
* Gdl: GDL (IDL) packages for astronomy
* Java: Java development files
* Tcltk: Tcl/Tk packages for astronomy

Could everyone please check if this structure is comprehensive? and that
all packages are in the right category? Are there missing packages? The
packages don't need to be astronomy specific; also important common
packages should be listed there.

If you have comments, other fixes (including spell or language fixes),
please either discuss it on the Debian-Astro list, or just directly fix
it in the git repository:


Many of these package are currently in the "astronomy" and
"astronomy-dev" tasks of the Debian-science blend. The plan is to remove
these two tasks, once the Debian-Astro blend is in place.

Best regards


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