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Huge data files in Debian

Hi all,

again a question where I find it difficult to put it into one single
box. However, please reply to debian-science.

I am trying to get the package "astrometry.net" into Debian. This
package exists for Ubuntu [1], but (with some minor changes) could be
uploaded to Debian as well. I already contacted the creator of the
package (no reply yet).

The package, however, is accompanied with a number of data files from
which at least some are needed to run the package. Fortunately, these
data files are DFSG, and already available as Debian packages [2].

But: These packages sum up to ~25 GB, with the maximal package size of
3.5 GB. What is the best way to deal with them? Loosely following the
discussion about the Icedove icons, it is probably not a wise idea
("privacy breach") to let them downloaded from a third party server; at
least as long as they are DFSG-free. But can (and shall) our Debian
servers store these files? Is 25 GB much for us or not these days?

I would guess that this package will have about the same number of
installations (popcon ~250, 0.2 %) as the other astronomy related packages.

Best regards


[1] https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/astrometry.net/
[2] http://data.astrometry.net/debian/

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