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Re: Steps to add my application to the Debian repositories

Hi Chris,

I recently wrote a packaging tutorial, which starts here:


This tutorial is mainly targeted for Astropy affiliated packages;
however the non-technical steps are the basically same for you. So, you
could use this tutorial by leaving out all points that are too specific.

Main next step would be to create an ITP.

>From a quick look through your sources, some hints:

* Please use the machine-readable format for debian/copyright:

* The program must be built on a clean environment. Therefore, you
  must specify all build dependencies in debian/control. Since you use
  Qt, its development packages (qt-dev? qmake?) should be listed there.

* You should subscribe to the debian-qt-kde mailing list,
  They may have some standards for Qt programs (Qt version etc.) that
  you should obey. Please also ask there for a review of your package
  when it is ready.

* Please don't maintain the debian/* files "upstream", but in the alioth
  git repository, even if you are upstream yourself. Having them
  developed under a Debian team's (debian-astro) hood makes it easier
  for others to contribute, or to fix stuff.

* At least to me, the SER format is quite unknown. It would probably be
  a good idea to have some links to existing files to start with. Also,
  a link to the format description would be useful (maybe in the man
  page, which is currently quite "basic"?)

Best regards


Astro PIPP <astropipp@gmail.com> writes:
> Hi all,
> I have developed a simple video player application for SER format
> files used in planetary/solar/lunar imaging.  The application is
> written in C++ and is based around the Qt framework and runs on
> Windows, OS X and Linux.  The licence is GPLv3.
> As I have finally figured out how to build a Debian source package I
> am now investigating what is required to get the application added to
> the Debian repositories.
> Web page for the application (including binaries):
> https://sites.google.com/site/astropipp/ser-player
> GitHub page:
> https://github.com/cgarry/ser-player
> So could somebody please point me towards the steps that I need to
> take in order to get this application added to the
> Debian repositories?
> Thanks and regards,
> Chris

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