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Re: pyregion

Hi Vincent,

Vincent Prat <vinceprat@free.fr> writes:
> I have packaged pyregion, another Astropy affiliated package.
> Any review is welcome.

I just uploaded it.

However, I have a few comments:

* Please provide upstream and pristine-tar branches in the debian git

* Please install the examples in the next revision (dh_installexamples)

* Create _region_filter.c from _region_filter.pyx with cython

The adoption as an Astropy affiliated package included a couple of
changes, like the use of astropy_helpers. These changes are in github,
but there is still no package for that. It may be therefor a good idea
to discuss with upstream (as github issue) if they could make a new
release soon, so that we can profit from this change.

Best regards


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