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Re: Blends and (astronomy) meta-packages

Hi Ole,

(Please do choose a followup-to as Jonas suggested)

Le 10/05/2015 13:03, Ole Streicher a écrit :

> 1. Create a meta-package within python-astropy: This would concentrate the
> management in this package which is maybe not the best idea (development
> of affiliated packages is independent of the astropy package itself).
> 2. Create an independent meta-package. This would be probably the
> easiest way.
> 3. Create it as a task of a (not yet existing) "debian-astro" tasks
> package.

Concerning astropy-all, I suggest option 2.

Option 1 has the defect that you must upload a new version of
python-astropy each time you want to add or remove a package in astropy-all.

Option 3 (a debian astro task or blend) is a good option too, but much
wider than astropy.

Kind regards, Thibaut.

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