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Re: Blends and (astronomy) meta-packages

Hi Ole,

Quoting Ole Streicher (2015-05-10 13:03:44)
> In the astropy development, there recently came up the idea of a 
> metapackage "astropy-all" which should install all affiliated packages 
> [1]. There it is centered on python package managers (pypi, conda); 
> however it may be worth to duplicate such a package for Debian.
> My question is now what would be the best effort here?
> 1. Create a meta-package within python-astropy: This would concentrate 
> the management in this package which is maybe not the best idea 
> (development of affiliated packages is independent of the astropy 
> package itself).
> 2. Create an independent meta-package. This would be probably the 
> easiest way.
> 3. Create it as a task of a (not yet existing) "debian-astro" tasks 
> package.

All three approaches seem sensible to me - it really depends on how you 
intend to maintain it, i.e. what you feel most comfortable with.

> P.S. Sorry for crossposting over three mailing lists. I had no idea 
> where it really fits best. I read all three, so you may restrict the 
> answer to where the topic really matches.

When you cross-post to multiple lists without explicitly recommending a 
favorite for followups, I cannot sensibly reply only to one of them, but 
feel I need to continue cross-post my response.

Please recommend a single list for followups (any of them is fine!), to 
limit continued cross-posting.  I won't pick one, as simultanously 
several responses may encourage different ones and it'll be a mess: 
Please as original poster pick a single place for continued discussion.


 - Jonas

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