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Re: Fwd: Re: [gnudatalanguage-devel] Fwd: Re: Bug#753620: wishlist: idl/gdl-written software

* Gilles Duvert [2014-07-04 16:57:53 +0200]:
> Those are tons of IDL script files. I doubt we can tell if a
> particular script will fail or not, since it depends on how it is
> used and the history. I mean, a script that makes nice plots may
> pass for double precision data, and fail on integer data, a
> tool using the cursor may crash only when the user clicks where
> nobodoy ever would have thought clicking possible, etc...

I'd call such failures "bugs", either in GDL or in the scripts.

I think Ole was referring to scripts that are incompatible with GDL
by design (i.e., because they rely on some feature of proprietary IDL
that won't/can't be implemented in GDL).

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