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RFP: Python GDL module - Python / GNU Data Language bridge

Package: gnudatalanguage
Severity: wishlist

Dear All,

Currently Debian offers a package with a standalone version of GDL - GNU Data Language (GDL is an open-source implementation of the IDL - Interactive Data Language interpreter).

It is also possible to build GDL as a Python module. The module allows to call GDL (and hence IDL or PV-WAVE) routines from Python. The module is based on NumPy. An example use case is plotting data stored in NumPy containers using GDL plotting routines, e.g.:

$ python
>>> import numpy
>>> import GDL
>>> a = numpy.ndarray(10)
>>> GDL.pro("plot", a)

Currently, AFAIK, Fedora is the only distribution shipping packaged GDL Python module. It would be great to have it in Debian as well!

Probably, separating the "share" data from the GDL Debian package into a -common type module would make sense then as well, as these files are equally useful with the Python module as well as with standalone GDL.

Thanks for help,


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