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Re: Bug#744011: Bug# #744011: ITP: cpl-plugin-muse -- ESO data reduction pipeline for MUSE

Hi Julian,

On 09.04.2014 19:11, Julian Taylor wrote:
> I urge you and your sponsors not to upload it.

One personal not here: You already argued against several of my ITPs
(this one, cpl-plugin-*, eso-midas). However, you never answered my
replies on your arguments.

I would really appreciate if we could not just have an exchange of
opinions, but an open discussion about our best practices here.
Especially Debian-Astro is quite new, and we need to establish a policy
and other guidelines.

Therefore: if you disagree with my arguments, please keep the discussion
running. We all will benefit from that.

And, you might consider joining the Debian-Astro team :-)

Best regards


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