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Re: abel.d.o + gcc-12.x

On Mon, Sep 5, 2022 at 2:54 AM Mathieu Malaterre <malat@debian.org> wrote:
> Dear Debian arm porters,
> I have two requests:
> - Could someone please check the status of abel.d.o ? (*)
> - One of gcc dev asked me to verify the status of a bug in gcc-12.x
> branch. Are there any pre-build version of GCC 12.x package for
> Debian/arm ? (**)
> Thanks much,
> (*) I cannot post to 'admin@db.debian.org', I get a '550 host
> is listed in safe.dnsbl.sorbs.net (;'
> (**) https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=1018953

>From the GCC bug report:

> I can trigger an assertion in highway unit test suite
> on armhf when using -O2 (does not happen at -O0).
> Symptoms:
> % tests/mul_test "--gtest_filter=HwyMulTestGroup/HwyMulTest.TestAllMulAdd/Emu128" "--gtest_also_run_disabled_tests"
> Running main() from ./googletest/src/gtest_main.cc

We encountered a similar bug under GCC 12. We are also a C++ project.
Things were Ok at -O1, but segfaulted at -O2 or higher. We found GCC
was removing live code. -fsanitize=unreachable helped uncover the
problem. [1]

We needed to add -fno-devirtualize to our CXXFLAGS. It is just a
workaround at the moment. We hope the GCC flks will get it sorted out


[1] https://github.com/weidai11/cryptopp/issues/1141

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