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Re: armhf kernels on arm64 hardware

On 2022-07-15, wookey@wookware.org wrote:
> The question from Debian's POV is how many other people want to use
> non-native arm kernels (and for what?). How many platforms is it
> relevant to? And if there is a downside, how many does that effect,
> and how/how much.

For Reproducible Builds testing of armhf packages I run several machines
(some physical, some virtual) with arm64 kernel and armhf userland, and
it basically works.

It is a little tricky to set up multi-arch to be able to get the
linux-image-arm64 kernel from arm64 without pulling in all the
recommends on various :arm64 packages, but once it is set up, it works

I have no idea how difficult it would be to add multi-arch support to
debian-installer, but it is not too hard to build an image using
"mmdebstrap" that supports a linux-image-arm64:arm64 kernel on an armhf

live well,

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