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Re: Debian Bullseye 64-bit for the Khadas VIM4

On Mon, 2022-05-16 at 07:49 -0700, Larry Dighera wrote:

> Is there hope of seeing a port of Debian Bullseye 64-bit for the
> Khadas VIM4 any time soon?

The Khadas VIM4 and the A311D2 SoC both don't appear to be supported by
Linux mainline yet, I don't see any reference to either in linux.git,
but there are references to the previous generation, Khadas VIM3, so
it is possible that someone will work on this.

Once support for the device is upstream, the support will enter Debian
unstable after the next Linux kernel release, then potentially some
build config changes will be needed to enable new drivers, then the
package will migrate to Debian testing, then Debian backports and then
you will be able to use the backport on Debian stable. Generally
support for newer SoCs does not get backported to older Linux kernel
versions such as the one in Debian bullseye, but a newer Linux kernel
version is added to bullseye-backports. This can take a long time.

Until then you can use whatever Linux kernel build supports the Khadas
VIM4 such as one from the vendor BSP or from Armbian, on plain Debian.

Depending on your use-cases you may need to also get updated packages
for userspace drivers (such as GPU drivers) or firmware.



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