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Re: armhf SIGILL, Illegal Instruction

On 29/09/2021 23:39, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
On Wed, Sep 29, 2021 at 5:05 PM peter green <plugwash@p10link.net> wrote:

As I understand it, there are two variants of "VFPv3", a version with 32 double registers (d0 to d31) and a version with only 16 double registers (d0 to d16).
The former is reffered to by gcc as "vfpv3" while the latter is reffered to by gcc as "vfpv3_d16".

Debian is supposed to support vfpv3_d16 but because there is relatively little hardware out there that doesn't support the extra registers bugs may take a while
to get noticed.

So IMO this is a bug in the compiler that is generating that code. What i'm not so sure about is whether selecting the correct compilation settings is the
responsibility of the frontend (ldc) or the backend (llvm).

Shouldn't that show up in the build logs?

It will only show up in build logs if the build process is overriding the built-in defaults of the compiler.

Normal practice in Debian is that when invoked without specific architecture flags compilers should generate
code that will run on the baseline CPU of the port. If they don't then that is a bug in the compiler.

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