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Re: armhf SIGILL, Illegal Instruction

Hi Jeffrey!

On 9/29/21 22:28, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
> I think John Paul Adrian Glaubitz (with the help of others) on the
> PowerPC mailing list determined that Autools is the problem. Autotools
> is using an M4 macro that is selecting the wrong platform or features.
> It is new behavior.
> Also see Bug #995223: libffi: SIGILL on powerpc and ppc64 systems
> since libffi8, https://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2021/09/msg00051.html.
> In particular, from a followup at
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2021/09/msg00077.html:

It looks like a different bug as the SIGILL faults that Ash is seeing are not
occurring inside libffi.so.8. I think it's more likely an issue with LLVM in
this case as could be seen from the backtrace.

But I would have to look into the details to figure out who the culprit is.


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