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Re: Bug#995223: libffi: SIGILL on powerpc and ppc64 systems since libffi8

Control: severity -1 serious


It turns out that m4/ax_gcc_archflag.m4 contains code to detect the
baseline of the host system and sets the GCC architecture accordingly.

Thus, a libffi compiled on a POWER8 machine will not work on a POWER5
machine as the compiler is emitting POWER8 instructions in this case.

Since the m4 script contains such a host enviroment detection for aarch64
as well [1], this bug can potentially affect arm64 which is a release

We should therefore pass "--enable-portable-binary" in debian/rules.


> [1] https://github.com/libffi/libffi/blob/master/m4/ax_gcc_archflag.m4#L209

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