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Re: Bullseye on the QNAP TS-220

Christian Henz kirjoitti 4.9.2021 klo 18.29:
I have recently upgraded to bullseye on my TS-220, and ran into the
I have now managed to install the bullseye kernel into the otherwise
unused (?) "RootFS2" partition (3MB), so I thought I'd report on the
steps I went through, in case it might be helpful to someone else.

Thank you, I was wondering if anyone's upgraded these Kirkwoods to bullseye and I guess the answer is "no, not successfully" unless going your route.

The instructions look good and if one day I have time to dig up my serial cable from somewhere and have plenty of extra time, I'll try it. It seems my QNAP TS-221 just keeps on going so there's a "risk" I'll want to use it past buster's support period.

For testing purposes, I then manually created a uImage of the buster

You don't happen to have the mkimage line handy? Maybe there's nothing special about it but it wouldn't hurt to have a reference in this thread. OTOH, testing booting from it via serial cable is of course safe.

     $ uname -r



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