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is there some known regression with gcc on armel?


I upgraded a test machine (buffalo linkstation pro/Marvell Orion5x) from buster to bullseye, then I rebuilt the dspam[*] deb (since it's been dropped by debian since buster, I did the same there). The newly built binary doesn't start, complaining of a configuration error, the binary built with buster still works. I traced the execution with gdb and it doesn't make sense: a function is called with a pointer to the configuration struct but inside the function it is null. I then recompiled it with -O0 instead of the default -O2 and this time it works (will try later with -O1). I'm not very familiar with gcc, so do you know of any regression with gcc optimizations on armel (maybe with some other package needing special optimization options)? Note that I had to add the "-z muldefs" option to the linker, but I don't think that's the problem (the null I saw wasn't a global variable but a parameter).

[*] I know it's a dead project, but it still works and it is surprisingly effective and lightweight on such an under powered machine.


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