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Re: Linux mainline / pure Debian on Acer Chromebook R13 [was: Re: Feedback from the community -> ARM]

On 6/18/21 9:16 PM, Milan P. Stanić wrote:
Are those patches published somewhere (and what are they for)?

Yes, here:

one is to fix mmc devices order to not be random.

That should better be done in the machine.dts. See for example https://git.kernel.org/linus/5dcbe7e3862dfc89d219f37a9ed5e53944fa13c2

one to 'cut' down external mmc frequency.

This should probably sent to mainline. With a proper change log this should be easy.

and one to fix spi nor frequency.

This increases spi nor frequency. The only benefit should be to speed up reading/writing, so it's not necessary to make the machine work correctly. If you mention the actual used part this should also be easy to bring into mainline.

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