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Re: Feedback from the community -> ARM

On maandag 14 juni 2021 14:06:36 CEST John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> This is actually the only solution you have.

My response was based on disagreeing with "the only solution", which Adrian 
Bunk made too. Consequently, I also disagree with your statement.

As almost all companies only seem to care about money and laws are considered 
obstacles to work around*, I do think 'voting with your wallet' is more 

*) Mobile phone are now 'required' to receive 2 year (security) support, which 
means that there will be *one* software/OS updated provided in those 2 years.
Technically complying with the law, but surely not with its spirit.

> My old iPhone 5s ... is still receiving security updates

Apple does good in that regard. 'Not so good' in others.

But financially rewarding a walled garden is something I will never do.
It goes against any freedom-loving bone in my body.


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