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Re: Feedback from the community -> ARM

On donderdag 10 juni 2021 16:43:44 CEST Uwe Kleine-König wrote:
>   - Fragmentation
>     - Vendor kernels vs. mainline
>       This got better in the past is my subjective impression, but it
>       still hurts. Device tree made this a tad simpler, but it's not
>       unusual to have vendor specific bindings.

Mainline would be best, but if (initially) a vendor kernel 'needs' to be made, 
please don't use some random kernel version, but base it off an Extended Long 
Term Support kernel. IIUC 5.10 is intended to be an ELTS kernel.

It also has the 'side' benefit that it (usually) aligns with a Debian Stable 
release, which means various tooling should also easily work. And it should 
also mean that it's 'easy' to get it working on other distros as well.


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