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Re: Feedback from the community -> ARM

On vrijdag 11 juni 2021 09:25:07 CEST Ralph Aichinger wrote:
> I really think Debian should have a better answer to installing
> on the Raspberry Pi

I think the problem isn't on Debian's side, but on the side of the Raspberry 
Pi Foundation (RPF).
If they would upstream more/sooner or better yet, use an upstream first 
approach, the whole (FLOSS) world, including Debian, would benefit.
But for some reason this is still problematic :-/

> can boot aarch64

Almost entirely because of Debian and people (outside RPF) working with 
upstream (kernel) to make it work on arm64. Which then also benefits RPF.

> As somebody who has used Raspbian now for years, quassel-core
> or FreedomBox is rather offputting, because I very much prefer
> true Debian that matches amd64 except for architecture. If I
> wanted to have some distribution that is "Debian based" and
> not Debian outright, I'd probably go for Raspberry Pi OS.

quassel-core and FreedomBox are (a collection of) programs already available 
in Debian, which you can install with apt[itude|-get].
The FreedomBox project does also provide downloadable images, but that just/
still a (pure/true) Debian system.

So I guess there's some miscommunication/misunderstanding here?

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