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Re: Feedback from the community -> ARM

On 6/10/21 7:43 AM, Uwe Kleine-König wrote:

next week there is a (virtual) meeting at ARM who invited some people involved in Linux on ARM CPUs. One of the topics there is to tell them Debian's needs and pain points.

where and how can I attend that meeting?
My current list (based on own experience and asking for feedback in #debian-arm) currently has:

 - Fragmentation
   - Vendor kernels vs. mainline
     This got better in the past is my subjective impression, but it
     still hurts. Device tree made this a tad simpler, but it's not
     unusual to have vendor specific bindings.
   - early boot code
     U-Boot (or general: bootloader) is device specific and more often
     than not there is only a Vendor variant available.
     Also today there are more relevant components: ATF, UEFI/EDK2
   Vendors care at different intensities (and profit from external
   developers) Would Arm Base System Architecture (BSA) help? (This is
   only for AArch64 though, arm32 still relevant for us.)
 - relevant SoC/SBC vendors:
   - Allwinner
   - Broadcom / RaspberryPi Foundation
   - Marvell
   - NXP
   - Odroid
   - Rockchip
   - some more for sure (which?)
 - Graphics
   Similar problematic, vendor blobs vs. OSS

Is there anything on your mind that is missing above and that you'd like to be shared with ARM? Feel free to reply here or discuss in #debian-arm. (I'm ukleinek there.)

Best regards

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