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Re: Vanilla arm64 bullseye and vcgencmd / Install docs

On 28.05.21 16:10, Ralph Aichinger wrote:
Is there any way to either get "vcgencmd" from Raspberry Pi OS
or is there any other way to get the temperature of the board
as measured by internal sensors?

No idea about vcgencmd, but you can read the temperature directly from /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp according to this (random) source:

And: Is there any effort to get installing on RPi4 better documented,
eg to include the very comprehensive walkthrough in the RPi
Forum as some kind of official installation documentation?


To my knowledge RPiX is currently not officially supported in debian, but there are robust minimal images built by DD Gunnar Wolf: https://raspi.debian.net/ After configuring rootpw, hostname, ... you can run tasksel to install e.g. a desktop environment.

Depending on your needs, you could also try the freedombox image:

Greetings from Vienna,

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