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Re: Raspi 4 debian image update-initramfs

Hello Diederik,

Yes it works with initramfs-tools version 0.140 from bullseye on USB.

I have tested :

It boots on USB. But after upgrade, kernel updated, it cannot boot any more.

It cannot boot on USB.

It boots on USB. Upgrade, upgrade kernel, update-initramfs is called. It still boots.

It boots on USB. Upgrade. cryptsetup and lvm2 is installed, update-initramfs is called. It still boots.

So I'll used initramfs-tools from bullseye.

Thanks a lot.


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> On vrijdag 23 april 2021 16:27:05 CEST Vorak David Hoeung wrote:
> > Have you any idea ?
> You need a newer image which contains initramfs-tools version 0.140,
> where the
> reset_raspberrypi module gets included. You need that for USB boot to
> work.
> You should try a daily built image as that does have the updated
> initramfs-
> tools version.

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