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Re: Debian on a Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d...

>>> c) found the DTB of this box here:
>>>       https://forum.doozan.com/read.php?2,12096
>> If you're using a .dtb file, you should generally get it from the one
>> shipped in the kernel package, otherwise it may be inconsistant with the
>> running kernel you're using...

Speaking with my 'embedded expert' explain me that DTB files are 'binary',
compiled version of DTS, and typically it is needed that DTS get 'compiled'
within the running kernel, eg with correct 'version'...

I've looked a bit better... in this link:


(a forum) the author post regulary, and for a set of devices not only for

a) a tarball containing a pre-installed (debboostrap) minimal debian system
 suitable to be used from an USB key.

b) a tarball containing the kernel and initrd

In the second tarball, threre's the plain kernel and initrd, the kernel in
.deb format (kernel and headers) and a patch that contain the DTS, and some
other various patches.

There's some way to contribute 'upstream' these stuff? Or manage at least


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