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Re: WiFi on RPi

Gunnar Wolf dijo [Wed, Mar 03, 2021 at 12:48:56PM -0600]:
> For some reason I canot set up to debug right now, the serial console
> gets garbled up (wrong baud rate or so?) when booting with Bullseye,
> but connecting a HDMI monitor, it also works -- screenshot attached
> :-)

Of course, after promising a screenshot, the next logical step is to
forget to attach it ;-) Fixed.

> Oh -- And I have just realized no image builds have happened in the
> last week (since I did some movements to my build server). I'll try to
> fix it and get the builds started  again today (but I'm quite busy,
> so.... lets hope it's an easy fix!)

The images were all happily built. They were not synced to the server
:-\ Pushing them now.

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