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more unofficial installer for RPi

Hi all,

Since customizations of Debian for RPi have been discussed here,
I'd like to give a pointer to more unofficial installer of Debian for
RPi at https://github.com/emojifreak/debian-rpi-image-script

It does customizations of locales, etc. in an interactive manner,
and it write an bootable image directly to an SD card, USB MSD,
or /dev/loop?. Other features not found in raspi.debian.net include:

* GPT partitioning and boot from USB (Linux kernel 5.10 prevents images on
  raspi.debian.net from USB booting...)
* Choice of Debian 10 Buster, 11 Bullseye and later.
* Choice among ifupdown, Network Manager and systemd-networkd for network configuration
* Choice of package coverage according to the package priority
* btrfs and ext4 filesystems can be chosen as root. btrfs compress-force=lzo significantly increases the storage speed and size (but I have less trust in btrfs...)
* Setting the size of a swap partition (or lack of it)
* Choice of timezone and locale
* Choice of wireless SSID
* Choice of keyboard layout

The above installer needs a very latest version of qemu-user-static
Debian package (probably >= 5.2) installed on a Debian (or its variant) host
running the above installer script.

Best regards, Ryutaroh

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