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Re: eight-core ARM64 networking platform with mainline Linux support

deloptes wrote:
You mean the interesting thing is that the one costs $224/251/329 per month and the other is not running

Well I think different people may consider them interesting
in different ways.

Regarding the AWS instances, what's personally attractive
to me is that they are so cheap, so easy to use, and have
such fast connectivity. A few years ago I spent a small
fortune on an X-Gene system; its performance was unremarkable,
it was difficult to get going, and it now sits unused in
a cupboard. ( http://chezphil.org/rwanda/ ). Now I can get
a vastly more performant system (e.g. 64 cores, 256 GB RAM),
which is supported by Debian, and costs only $3 per hour.
That's billed by the minute, and if I want to keep the machine
up but not doing much then I can quickly scale it down to an
instance that costs 1/1000 as much. I think that for people
who sometimes post on this list saying "there's a problem
with XYZ only on ARM, please help, I don't have hardware to
debug", then suggesting an AWS instance would be a good option
in many cases.

The thing about the Mac machines is, I guess, that it's
another step towards mainstream acceptance of ARM as an
architecture that can do everything that x86 can do, not
just a niche solution for embedded and mobile. That can only
be a good thing.

Cheers, Phil.

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