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Re: Qnap TS-219P+ Kernel 5.9.0-1-marvell

ti 3. marrask. 2020 klo 22.44 Uwe Kleine-König (uwe@kleine-koenig.org)
> For now it is not even certain that bullseye will include support for
> armhf at all. See

Just noting that I love how many times these discussions occur along
the lines of "armhf starts to be quite old and with problems, not sure
how long it is going to be supported" and then the opportunity to
delightfully answer "well... it's armel" :)

Some bits of history, these QNAP devices are not ancient as such, they
were announced in 2013. But they happened to use a Marvell Kirkwood
chipset which is only ARMv5, using an ARM core that was announced in
2001 (with some Wikipedia checking). ARMv7 ie armhf cores would have
been available since 2007.

A bit similarly my Openmoko GTA02 in 2008 had ARMv4 (the Debian armel
baseline) compatible CPU, which had an ARM core announced in 1998.
Sometimes new things are a bit slow to trickle.

With Debian 10 LTS support until 2024 the lifetime of these QNAP
devices would be max 11 years if bought on the release year, which is
a bit short for a solid piece of hardware. I'll need to investigate
options latest by 2024, like maintaining the couple of externally
visible network services myself in case of security updates.

Anyway, I'm extremely happy with Martin Michlmayr's original work on
the official Debian support for these old QNAP Orion/Kirkwood based
devices, and the problem solving we've all done together. They have
brought me many good Debian NAS years.


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