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Re: Debian installer auf Pinebook (Was: X11 modul for pinebook?)

On 2020-10-31, Christian Kastner wrote:
> Apparently the WIFI is a RTL8723cs device and support landed in 5.9,
> coincidentally the kernel in bullseye, so I gave its SD card images a
> try. However, they launch to a black screen, so I assume that this still
> goes out to serial?

I don't see anything regarding RTL8723cs support specifically in 5.9 (or
in linux master or next), other than a mention of a compatible in the
pinebook device tree. That compatible is not referenced by any drivers,
so probably not actually used.

It is also mentioned in the bluetooth documentation, but again, not
referenced by any drivers.

Maybe there's a proposed patchset somewhere or an out-of-tree driver?

Also don't see any firmware specific to rtl8723cs ... but *maybe* it
could in theory use firmware from one of the other numerous rtl8723*

Looks like I'll be sticking to usb ethernet and wifi adapters for the
near future, which works well enough...

live well,

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