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Re: Bug#972151: glib2.0: gdbus-server-auth test consistently fails on arm-conova-03 but nowhere else

On Tue, Oct 13, 2020 at 11:12 AM Simon McVittie wrote:

> What hardware is arm-conova-03 running on? Is it the same as amdahl, which
> has a similar description on db.debian.org?

Both are running on the ganeti cluster at Conova, made up of
conova-node01 and conova-node02. Looks like amdahl is currently
running on the other node than arm-conova-03 but arm-conova-02
currently runs on the same node as arm-conova-03. I'm not sure what
hardware the nodes are but they appear to be identical.

pabs@conova-node01:~$ sudo gnt-instance  list
Instance                 Hypervisor OS   Primary_node             Status  Memory
amdahl.debian.org        kvm        noop conova-node01.debian.org running  12.0G
arm-conova-01.debian.org kvm        noop conova-node01.debian.org running  12.0G
arm-conova-02.debian.org kvm        noop conova-node02.debian.org running  12.0G
arm-conova-03.debian.org kvm        noop conova-node02.debian.org running  12.0G

> Is there anything odd about how arm-conova-03's filesystem or /tmp works,
> perhaps using tmpfs or NFS where other buildds don't, or not using tmpfs
> where other buildds do, or an unusual level of load?

There is no tmpfs mounted on /tmp, that is part of the ext4 from /

> Or is there anything odd about arm-conova-03's TCP or other networking
> setup?

arm-conova-03 does not have an IPv4 address/route except on the
loopback device but amdahl, arm-conova-01 and arm-conova-02 do.

I would bet on the test not working on IPv6-only systems.



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