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Re: u-boot vs installer images

On 2020-10-12, Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> I just browsed through the bullseye installation guide. I saw there is a 
> section on 
> 3.6.2. Debian-provided U-Boot (system firmware) images
> https://www.debian.org/releases/testing/armhf/ch03s06.en.html
> and
> 5.1.5. Using pre-built SD-card images with the installer
> https://www.debian.org/releases/testing/armhf/ch05s01.en.html
> I am just wondering if I use a pre-built SD-card images with the installer do 
> I still need the U-Boot (system firmware) images (I do not recall that I used 
> them previously)?

The SD-card images include everything in the U-Boot system firmware
images, but additionally have the installer components.

> If not, what is the intended usecase for the U-Boot (system 
> firmware) images?

You might be able to use them to boot an EFI installer image on USB
media for a machine that only boots from SD card, as one example.

For some platforms, the offsets used on the raw media for u-boot might
be incompatible with the EFI installer image layout, so you may not be
able to have both on a single media; maybe with some work that could be
fixed in some cases.

3.6.2. Debian-provided U-Boot (system firmware) images:
  The raw U-Boot components are provided for advanced users; the
  generally recommended way is to use one of the ready-made SD card

So in general, use the ready-made SD card images.

live well,

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