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Re: MP30-AR0 arm64 sdcard slot not detected

On Saturday 19 October 2019 02:29:41 Michael Howard wrote:

> Posted this to wrong list initially, sorry all!
> I've just re-installed debian (stretch) on the Gigabyte MP30-AR0 board
> using the installer netinst iso (any later install images fail) and
> the sdcard slot is not showing up. The kernel is
> vmlinuz-4.9.0-11-arm64 and I have also rebuilt it ensuring all the MMC
> options I should need are selected.

I've not run into that, but it my understanding that an sd slot is an 
entirely different critter from MMC.  So you may want to go thru 
your .config again with that in mind.

> I'm now suspecting a devicetree issue. Checking the output from dtc,
> using 'dtc -I fs -O dts /sys/firmware/devicetree/base' there is no
> mention of mmc. However, an 'mmc' entry exists in the source code file
> 'apm-storm.dtsi', which is 'included' by  'apm-mustang.dts', which I'm
> assuming is the dts file used by the kernel build system, I used
> bindeb-pkg to build the debs.
> Previously, I've manually built the image, modules and dtb (last
> occasion using mainline 4.9.2) and the card slot was not a problem.
> Anybody any ideas as to what's happening? Can I ensure that
> 'bindeb-pkg' uses a specific dts? If so, how?
> This system dual boots with RedSleeve and that side is not a problem.
> Cheers,
> Mike.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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