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lshw crashing von Dockstar (armel)


This is an old Seagate Dockstar (Feroceon 88FR131, armv5tel CPU) running
Debian stretch. Then:

    # lshw -xml
    Segmentation fault

Well, things like that happen to me all the time. So taking the
challenge I rebuild the package to identify the issue, and there are no
debug symbols - and everything is fine. Even when building in a minimal

Comparing the build logs: lshw 02.18-0.1 was uploaded in August 2016,
and a *lot* changed in the following months until the stretch freeze,
only a few build dependencies have the same version number in today's
stretch as back then at the build[1].

Therefore I assume something silently changed for the better, and while it
might be interesting to find out what[2], I'd rather like to learn
whether other people are affected by this, too.

So if you're running an armel box on Debian stretch, preferably a
Dockstar: Can you reproduce the issue? Both the segfault but none with a
rebuilt lshw?

Then I might ask the stable release team for a rebuild.

* buster is not affected.
* Other output formats like json are not affected.


[1] https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=lshw&arch=armel&ver=02.18-0.1&stamp=1471736283&raw=1
[2] I suspect hw.cc:1673

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