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debian buster: odroid-hc1 issues with new u-boot


I had debian buster working fine on my odroid-hc1 SBCs, here is how I had installed them:

The machines had gathered some dust and today I tried to get them to work again with debian buster as of today. I noticed these changes:
* u-boot now needs 1MB space, thus I need different blobs from samsung to make that happen
* u-boot used to detect the sd-card has "mmc 0", but now it detect it as "mmc 2" - had to change the boot.ini
* network interfaces now get a random name by default? Appending this to the boot parameters undid the change for me:  net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0
* serial console is now very unrelyable - I can see what is going on fine, but trying to send data fails (I can enter a few character and then things freeze).

Any idea if these are known issues, or how I can debug them? Maybe it is just some config error?

Thanks, Andreas

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