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Re: Bug#928480: release-notes: please mention support for devices based on Allwinner A64

On Du, 05 mai 19, 22:27:50, Justin B Rye wrote:
> Justin B Rye wrote:
> > +<section id="allwinner-a64">
> It occurs to me the moment after I hit send: should this be
>    <section id="allwinner-a64" arch="arm64">
> or something?

My intention was to promote arm64 devices as a viable alternative for 
some applications, so I would prefer if it wasn't "hidden" in the arm64 
version of the release notes.

BTW, it occurs to me that I forgot to Cc: -arm for their input, 
especially since I'm not up-to-date on developments for other devices. 

From my research it seams also Rockchip RK3328 and RK3399 have 
significantly better support in mainline (probably Debian as well) and 
might deserve a mention in the release notes.

Kind regards,

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