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Re: (Marvell) migrating RAID1 from MBR (1TB) to GPT (6TB): U-Boot and GPT?

* Emanuele Olivetti <emanuele.olivetti@gmail.com> [2019-04-16 16:56]:
> I'm using a Marvell-based QNAP TS-219 with Debian (currently
> Stretch) since many years with 2 x 1TB hard disk (both with DOS/MBR
> partition table) in RAID1: /dev/md0 mounted as /boot and /dev/md1
> with LVM hosting /  and /home.

> What are the steps I should do in order to obtain a fully working
> system with the new 2x6TB disks, with GPT

With Debian on the QNAP, the Debian kernel and ramdisk are stored in
flash and not on the disk, so MBR vs GPT doesn't really matter (u-boot
won't access the disk anyway).

Generally, when moving disks on QNAP systems, you have to be aware
that we put some disk information into the ramdisk (since you cannot
pass a root= paramter via the command line easily).  In most cases,
this is the UUID= from /etc/fstab.

I cannot remember how this is done for RAIDs.  Maybe we just use
/dev/md1 in that case.

Martin Michlmayr

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