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Linkstation pro, micro-evtd problem?


I have a linkstation pro v1 (marvell orion5x) with a broken disk that has been sitting in a drawer for several years.

A couple of days ago I fitted a new disk, installed debian wheezy, dist-upgraded to jessie, dist-upgraded to stretch.

I started from wheezy since I wanted to test the upgrade path, I have another box still running wheezy that I haven't got the guts to upgrade yet [*].

Now that I have the lspro working and seeing that the upgrade went well, before performing the upgrade I launched an rsync from the lacie to the lspro (not only as backup but to test that everything will work after the upgrade).

However, even if the load isn't too high, after a few (or not so few) hours the box is unresponsive and starts beeping (short, fast repeating beeps). It happened twice while I wasn't home, so I could only turn off the box and reboot it.

Today I was home when it started beeping with a different pattern (long beeps). I could login to the lspro and restart the micro-evtd daemon. That fixed the problem (until next time).

I see no messages in syslog.

I didn't touch the micro-evtd configuration, so I suppose it's running with default settings.

Any idea on what could be wrong?

[*] https://lists.debian.org/debian-arm/2015/09/msg00046.html


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