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Re: coturn - bus error on armhf


On 12/22/18 12:33 PM, wferi@niif.hu wrote:
> I sponsored the upload of the coturn package.  It's unit test
> failed with bus error on armhf and sparc64:
> https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=coturn
> The former being a release architecture, I started investigation with
> that, but I failed to reproduce this on abel.debian.org or
> harris.debian.org: the package built and the unit test ran fine on 
> both.

Try reproducing it on sparc64. If there is a bus error, it means there is
a bug in the code that should be fixed. The problem with these bugs is that
they are very subtle and don't always show in a very obvious way.

If the package builds and tests fine on sparc64, you can be sure the code
uses correct alignment.


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