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Re: "external abort on linefetch (0x814)" on Kirkwood 6282 SoC

2018-05-28 19:00 GMT+03:00 Andrew Lunn <andrew@lunn.ch>:
> Could you try changing "Memory split" to "3G/1G user/kernel split (for
> full 1G low memory)". You should then see that the lowmem in the
> Virtual kernel memory layout table goes from starting at 0xc0000000 to
> starting at 0xB0000000. I hope it will then not use high mem, and
> still give you the full 1G of RAM.

Someone could give newbie tips on making a bootable kernel that I
could load from u-boot. I tried compiling one Debian's kernel simply
with debuild in a stretch chroot, adding VMSPLIT_3G_OPT=y to
config.marvell under debian/, but with the vmlinuz generated I got
"Bad Magic Number" when I tried to load it with u-boot over TFTP.

Given that the installer-armel kernels that do boot over U-Boot have
also kernel variants 6281 and 6282 while the kernel from linux package
does not have variants, I'm certainly missing something useful (and my
free time is severely limited, I didn't yet find information what I'd
need on my own).

Regardless I've now modified the default bootargs in u-boot with
printenv bootargs -> setenv appending mem=768M -> saveenv, and
dist-upgraded to stretch. It's working flawlessly with 768MB RAM!

Now on stretch I could probably also just install the built deb
packages, but I'd rather do this memory corruption testing from a
"live" session over TFTP instead of booting my regular system with a
test kernel.


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