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Pyra needs help by kernel and low-level ARM/OMAP experts


I just read this post by Pyra project leader Michael Mrozek
a.k.a. "Evil Dragon".

(Pyra is planned to be a Debian based gaming console, successor
of OpenPandora. See https://pyra-handheld.com/)

They need help by kernel devs and folks who know OMAP etc.
Maybe somebody here can help them?

There even might be some money in it. No doubt about fame and
fun, though!

> This brings up another important point:
> Kernel developers!
> There's still quite a few things which should be done before
> the release. We don't have proper powersaving, the TILER
> implementation needs to be tidied up, 3D is not yet
> implemented, Audio needs a better setup, etc.
> It seems there are less and less kernel developers having the
> time to work on such things in their spare time.
> That's why I decided to hire freelancers to help out as well!
> We already have one who has knowledge of the OMAP series and
> is working on the AM-series from TI at the moment. He's a
> friend of Nikolaus and has already done work on the GTA04.
> He agreed to help us out, but he doesn't have too much time -
> still, any help is good :D
> Now, here's a question for you:
> I know we've got quite a lot of OpenSource fans around here.
> Maybe some know some good kernel developers, who are able to
> include and improve hardware support and fix various issues.
> We can provide a test unit as well as the needed datasheets -
> but it needs someone who is capable of debugging and fixing
> low-level things.
> I am fine paying for the work as well.
> Any ideas or contacts?


Pyra developers hang around in #dragonbox-dev on irc.freenode.net
or you can join the discussion above.


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