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Re: Anybody here know what a rock64 is?

I've had a 32 GB and a 128 GB fail. Piclone is very useful, you can back up a 128 in half an hour or so, only copies files, not empty space. It uses cp as its active ingredient.

High Endurance SD cards made for video surveillance may be an improvement, too soon to know.

On Apr 23, 2018 1:58 AM, "Gene Heskett" <gheskett@shentel.net> wrote:
On Monday 23 April 2018 00:07:01 Chris Moore wrote:

> Hi,
> Le 22/04/2018 à 16:05, Gene Heskett a écrit :
> > On Sunday 22 April 2018 00:46:42 Chris Moore wrote:
> >> I hope I haven't misled you into bricking your Rock64 :(
> >> (Luckily unbricking should be fairly easy.)
> >
> > Unbricking it is as easy as plugging in another u-sd card. I just
> > tried 5 of them, with unknown images on them, one won't even try to
> > boot, 4 of them can't get to a x login now. The one that won't even
> > try to boot probably has an rpi image on it.
> Sorry, I hadn't realised that you were running from a micro-SD card.
> I have found that running with the rootfs on a micro-SD card soon
> corrupts it and it will no longer boot.

On smallish cards, yes. But my rpi-3b has been running jessie from a 32GB
card for about a year now, w/o a problem. Bigger cards have much more
room for wear leveling. The  pi says via df that only 27% is used.

But I see by df, that the root filesystem on the rock64 is only 8GB, but
the card is 32GB, so resize2fs has not been run on it, has been now. But
will no doubt need yet another of its complicated reboots to make it

And tommorrow I am busy as the first thing I have to do after taking care
of the missus is go get a 2018 sticker for my trash trailers license
plate, about a 75 mile round trip to a dmv office, then hook it up and
take several hundred lbs to the dump. Then if I have any giddyup left,
fire up the weed eater and trim up half an acre thats too steep or small
to get a 38" rider over. Too much stuff in the back yard. Way too much
stuff. . .  And its not even square, so there are unusable corners that
still grow weeds. Blocks were laid out with the lay of the land 50 years

> I *suspect* that it is due to the frequent writes and that the driver
> or the DT has incorrect write timings or some other bug.
> I therefore always run with the rootfs on a USB stick now.
> But again this is with Ayufan's Ubuntu Xenial on a Scishion V88 Piano.
> However I am pretty sure that Ayufan uses the same kernel and DT for
> Xenial and Stretch.
> I also guess that the micro-SD slot circuitry is identical to that of
> the Rock64.
> Cheers,
> Chris

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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