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Re: D-Link DNS-323 support

On Mon, 2018-04-09 at 08:06 +0200, basti wrote:
> I have try to restore a Kernel /Ramdisk backuped via
> cat /dev/mtdblock2 > uKernel
> cat /dev/mtdblock3 > uRamdisk
> The System wont start with error "Bad CRC checksum".

Did you try to restore with cat ... > /dev/mtdblock?

Some devices require being written with flashcp rather than dd or cat
directly (something to do with OOB checksums or something like that).

BTW flash-kernel uses /dev/mtd<N> for most things, only the "slug" case
uses /dev/mtdblock<N>. I don't know which applies in your case.


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