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Re: pinebook session at debconf 2018?

On Sat, Apr 07, 2018 at 11:43:45AM +0800, gustavo panizzo wrote:
> is anyone else interested in having a pinebook session during debconf?

I almost surely won't be on Debconf, but a bunch of relevant people will.

It would be especially beneficial for you to concoct a plan to drag in
Icenowy Zheng, in chains if must be -- most of Pinebook-specific code is
hers (at least older parts; these days anarsoul is more active, icenowy
having moved mostly to H6 stuff).  She's geographically close, although
there's the issue of needing not one but two visas (exit from one country
named "China", entrance for the other "China").  A good bait can be
mentioning that wens (Chen-Yu Tsai) is a local thus has no excuse wrt
attending Debconf (and he already said he'll be there).

> I don't know the current status of the pinebook with debian bits, i
> purchased the serial cable a few days ago and I plan to play with it
> (dunno if i'll have enough time to make it work before debconf)

As in, headphone-UART-USB?  It's a vital bit, without it any u-boot hackery
other than writing a pre-made image is not really possible.  You need to
enable it first (in software in early models like mine, IIRC requires
opening the laptop and flipping a switch in later models), thus it's much
easier to test the cable from an already booted system.

> I plan to port u-boot and kernel (as far as possible) from
> https://github.com/anarsoul/linux-build/releases which works fine in my
> pinebook, and its much newer than the BSP

Upstreaming kernel patches seems to be stalled with no visible action at all
for a long while.  On the other hand, there's a recent flurry of drm/lima
commits, it's possible this was the blocker (I didn't ask).

If required parts are not in mainline close to Buster freeze, we can molest
Ben Hutchings about applying this patchset in Debian; no point in doing that
now as if everything goes well, patching then unpatching would be a waste of

As for u-boot, there's only a few patches needed, I did not look, though.

You also need the ATF; atf-allwinner in unstable already has all of
Pinebook patches.

⢿⡄⠘⠷⠚⠋⠀ ... what's the frequency of that 5V DC?

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