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Re: Using a custom device tree file

On 2018-02-19, Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> Am Samstag, 17. Februar 2018, 16:22:06 CET schrieb Vagrant Cascadian:
>> > Can anybody tell, if it is possible to configure from u-boot shell to
>> > loada
>> > custom device treefile?
>> To manually change it for a one-off boot:
>>   # disable the built-in setting of fdtfile
>>   setenv findfdt
>>   # manually set fdtfile
>>   setenv fdtfile /path/to/your/custom.dtb
> Where is findfdt defined?

In the built-in u-boot environment on some boards. Typically with u-boot
variants that can support multiple similar boards; a single mx6cuboxi
u-boot binary supports several cubox-i and hummingboard variants.

It's typically run from bootcmd, so "printenv bootcmd" from the u-boot
prompt might show something like "run findfdt ; run distro_bootcmd".

>>From looking into the bootscr fdtfile needs only the filename:
> if test -n "${fdtfile}"; then
>    setenv fdtpath dtbs/${fk_kvers}/${fdtfile}
> else
>    setenv fdtpath dtb-${fk_kvers}
> fi
> Correct?

Ah, yes, full path wouldn't work in this case- you'd have to have it in
one of the above locations the boot scripts look for.

live well,

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