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Re: Bug#881846: rustc: FTBFS on armel

On 03/03/18 09:32, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> Hi!
> I have managed to build rustc 1.24 natively on armel using the changes from
> the following bug reports:
>   - #891022 - rustc: Please include patch to disable kernel helpers on armel
>   - #891913 - rustc: Please add architecture matching for armel => armv5te-unknown-linux-gnu
>   - #891961 - rustc: Please enable workaround for upstream issue 45854 on armel
> I'm now waiting for Ximin to upload rustc_1.24 so I can bootstrap rustc for armel,
> I have already installed a working compiler on abel.debian.org and harris.debian.org.

Nice, thanks for this.


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