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Re: Bug#876825: gcc: infinite loop targeting armel

On 26.09.2017 10:48, Edmund Grimley Evans wrote:
> Package: gcc-6-arm-linux-gnueabi
> Version: 6.3.0-18cross1
> This is not specific to cross-compiling and not even to gcc-6.
> We noticed the infinite loop when the buildd tries to build rnahybrid:
> https://buildd.debian.org/status/logs.php?pkg=rnahybrid&arch=armel
> It seems to be easy to reproduce with the cross-compiler. On Debian
> amd64 Stretch:
> sudo apt-get install gcc-6-arm-linux-gnueabi
> apt-get source rnahybrid
> cd rnahybrid-2.1.2/
> export CC=arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-6
> ./configure --host=xx
> make
> # cc1 runs forever with 100% CPU, not much memory, compiling "energy.c"
> There's a warning about undefined behaviour, and I've not looked at
> the source at all, but an infinite loop like this is presumably a GCC
> bug in any case (though perhaps not such a serious one if it only
> happens with code that invokes undefined behaviour).

please recheck with gcc-6 from unstable, gcc-7 and gcc-snapshot.

Thanks, Matthias

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