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Re: Cannot build OpenGL application on Qt5 on armel/hf

On 2017-09-18 23:50 +0200, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> Looking at the rules file of qtbase-opensource-src, it's obvious where this
> regression comes from, namely from the fact that qtbase-opensource-src is
> configured to use OpenGL ES instead of proper desktop OpenGL on armel
> and armhf [3].
> Does anyone know whether there is a way to address this issue on armel/hf
> or do I have to disable virtualjaguar on these architectures?

AIUI openGL ES is used on 32-bit ARM because that's what the GPU
drivers target/support. I presume this hasn't changed (although I
understand that for latest OpenGL the Desktop and ES specs got merged
to some common set).

So I guess anything that uses GL stuff outside the ES API won't
actually work on 32-bits arm anyway so there is not much point
building it there.

But my understanding of the graphics stack is weak so I could well be
out-of-date or otherwise confused.

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