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Re: Summary of the Arm ports BoF at DC17

On Sep 14, Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> wrote:

> The Pine64 [6] is another alternative, based on a mobile CPU. It's
> therefore got limited RAM and I/O. Upstreaming has taken a while, but
> is getting there in current kernel releases. U-Boot head will work on
> the board, including the UEFI implementation mentioned earlier.
> There's the related PineBook project [7] too - a small laptop-style
> machine based around the Pine64 board.
There are also scary warnings and discussions about the Ethernet port 
being half-broken at 1 Gbps.

> Answering this question ("I want something that just works, what
> should I buy?") is always much harder than it should be... :-(
On the lower end I strongly recommend the Olimex Lime 2, which is open 
hardware and works well with the mainline kernel and U-Boot from stretch 
(as long as you do not care about 3D, obviously):

BTW... I like installing my little ARM systems using debootstrap 
--foreign, but I am unable to do a 100% self-contained installation 
(without using qemu, which would be cheating, or copying the initramfs 
from another system) because the initramfs has not been built yet. 
Do we distribute anyware one that may be used for the first boot?


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