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Re: contemplating conversion of an r-pi3b based system to a rock64

On 9/4/2017 12:37 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Monday 04 September 2017 12:07:56 Lennart Sorensen wrote:
>> On Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 06:31:46AM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> But aren't the huge majority of the wireless keyboards and mice just
>>> BT at the core?  Max reliable range when the dongles can see the
>>> master is about 20 feet. I put the mouse in the box the pi is in,
>>> and had BT do a scan with bluetoothctl, while I jiggled the mouse,
>>> nothing detected.
>> Certainly Logitech's wireless is not BT.  I seem to recall reading
>> that they found BT way too unreliable and instead use their own
>> protocol. Not sure about other makes.
> But unless they are sneaking in under the FCC's radar, which they aren't 
> else customs would padlock the container, it does have to be an FCC 
> approved frequency and protocol in order to be able to label it with an 
> FCC iD # of JNZYR0017 on the bottom of this K360. It also has regulatory 
> labels from at least a dozen other national regulatory agencies from all 
> over the planet.  A very busy label. So the frequency and protocol are 
> supposedly known to the various regulatory agencies.  The above Jnumber 
> doesn't not search in their database, at least not those pieces I can 
> access.
> Cheers, Gene Heskett

That's a great idea, but the fact is there are a lot of items with fake
or falsified FCC IDs being imported.  And even more with no FCC id.

Sure, they are illegal to use in this country.  But there is no real
attempt to stop them (and I'm not sure they can stop them).  And in most
cases the company won't be fined - it's too hard to fine a Chinese
company.  It's the users who will suffer.

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